Holding the Road: Memoire of Reuel Wilson

Holding the Road: Memoire of Reuel Wilson Reuel Wilson’s new memoir, Holding the Road: Away from Edmund Wilson and Mary McCarthy, follows the author through his childhood, spent in the households of his divorced parents, and the expanding perspectives of his adult life. The reader meets Reuel’s closest relatives and confidants: Bowden Broadwater, his first…… Continue reading Holding the Road: Memoire of Reuel Wilson

Professor Maurice Kamto of Cameroon

Professor Maurice Kamto of Cameroon Professor Maurice Kamto was arrested in Cameroon on 28 January 2019. He is facing death penalty. It is reported that he started hunger strike in protest. While in Europe there seems to be media reports about his situation, (see for instance: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-47080323),there are no such reports in Japan. It is…… Continue reading Professor Maurice Kamto of Cameroon

Summaries of My Novels (3)

Beyond Illusions: Love and Hope in the Kingdom of Ryukyu (Gen-ei no Kariyushi: Makishi Chochu to Chiru), by Hyogo Kurouchi (Shinya Murase), (Tokyo: Shinzansha, 2016, 314 pages, in Japanese). Plot Summary Main Characters: Makishi (Itarashiki) Chochu 牧志(板良敷)朝忠 (1818-1862?, Studied at国子監 Imperial University in Beijing during the Opium War, interpreter, diplomat, later, State Minister of the…… Continue reading Summaries of My Novels (3)

Summaries of My Novels (2)

Putting Out the Light: A Profile of a Scholar, in Ko Takimura (Shinya Murase), Nagareboshi wo Machinagara, Toshindo Publishing Co., Tokyo, 2005, pp. 185-314, in Japanese. Main Characters Yuji Kiyama: born in 1943, a history professor Mariko Sano: born in 1955, a silk-dying-printing artist Jiro Muramatsu: Kiyama’s friend, a history professor, involved in UNESCO activities…… Continue reading Summaries of My Novels (2)

Obituary: Prof. Ishimoto

In Memoriam PROFESSOR DR. YASUO ISHIMOTO (1924-2015) Shinya Murase Professor Yasuo Ishimoto passed away on December 8, 2015, at the age of ninety-one. He was a leading scholar of international law of postwar Japan. He held a number of important positions in academic institutions, including president of the International Law Association of Japan (ILA Japan…… Continue reading Obituary: Prof. Ishimoto